About Us
Inventory management is crucial in every business, but tools aren’t readily available especially for smaller businesses. Here at BoxHero, we focus on the fundamentals of inventory management and removed the complicated and difficult process of previous inventory management solutions. We’ll worry about the technical details, so you can focus on what’s most important – your business.
What we do
Our focus is to create, a productive and efficient inventory management platform. We are expanding to make a collaborative management platform tool for local businesses.
Why we do
We noticed the lack of innovative technological solutions available for local businesses. Our aim is to provide solutions that target the needs local business and to help them operate smarter.
How we do
We combine mobile and computer vision(AI) to build a platform that is both easy and convenient to use. Group solutions for team work is also available.
We constantly communicate with our customers and continuously strive to improve our services to bring you the best collaborative management tool for local businesses.
Executive Team
Our aim is to become the world’s leading software company.
Heehong Moon
  • Former Station3(DaBang App), CEO/CTO
  • Mobcrete(Pucca's Restaurant) Co-founder
Sangcheol Lim
  • Former Station3(DaBang App), Head of development
  • Mobcrete(Pucca's Restaurant) CTO
Keonwoo Lee
  • Former Station3(DaBang App), Head of design
  • Cybermed Inc, Design Team Leader
Jeongbong Seo
  • Bagelcode Ltd, Server Team Leader
  • Samsung Electronics