The Simplest Inventory Management
BoxHero is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use. Our promise is to provide optimized functions with ease and comfort to the user.
01.Customize Product Categories
Every business is unique and needs a fully customizable product category menu. Make BoxHero work for you. Add attributes such as size, color, location, etc. to fit into your inventory management style.
02.Stock In/Out History
All of your inventory actions saved to BoxHero and cannot be erased. No more missing items or holes in your inventory. Simply view your history to track your actions.
03.Perfect Teamwork
Invite your coworkers and manage inventory together. Share the process of stocking in or out, or even inventory audits. Improve your teamwork and efficiency with BoxHero.
04.Product Inventory Upload/Download with Excel
Currently using Excel to manage your inventory? Add multiple products in one go by uploading your file to BoxHero. We even support downloading in Excel format.
05.Go Mobile (iOS, Android)
Manage your inventory on the go with our app for iOS or Android. Smoothly transition into our app to stay connected no matter where you are. Use your device camera to scan barcodes to check inventory in real-time.
06.Barcode Generator/ Label Print
Products without a barcode? No problem! Generate a code when you add a product to your inventory, and print out a barcode label to stick on your products.
07.Link Your Barcode Scanner
Hook up your barcode scanner to BoxHero to improve the inventory in/out/audit process. Use the scanner to search for products readily.