BoxHero - The Simplest Inventory Management Solution
All transactions are saved as history and applied to your inventory in real-time. Our user-friendly services are available anytime and anywhere on your computer or mobile device.
Streamlined Solution
Effective and easy inventory management is at the heart of BoxHero. Come experience our perfect specialized solution for small & medium sized businesses.
Easy Customization, Intuitive Reports
Plan your management strategy with BoxHero. Generate an inventory report effortlessly by selecting a product and date. An inventory report complete with progress graph can even be downloaded as an Excel file.
Smart Management, Wherever You Are
Stay on top of inventory management in real-time on your computer or mobile device. You can even use your mobile device camera to scan barcodes for on the go inventory management.
Innovative Inventory Management Platform
BoxHero is the easy and effective modern inventory management solution for the distribution market. Manage small or medium sized inventory and even your assets directly with BoxHero.
Inventory Management
Tired of complicated and difficult inventory management solutions with expensive price tags? BoxHero provides a streamlined solution for your business in any industry, such as retail, food, second-hand products and more.
Tangible Fixed Assets Management
BoxHero can be utilized to manage more than inventory. Our versatile solution can be applied to just about anywhere – both private and public sectors such as schools, hospitals, hotels, financial institutions and more. Register equipment, tools, materials, etc. with unique barcodes to run a smoother operation on your computer or mobile device.
The Simplest Inventory Management Solution- BoxHero